A complete resource for early learners

Walter the Wizard 2020

  • An animated primary school resource

  • Learn about dangers in the home

  • Free resources and colouring book

  • A-Z Phonics workbook

  • Create your own Walter party

  • Engaging and interactive

  • A complete learning experience


Free Activity Pack

Walter the Wizard is a learning resource for schools, parents and home learning. You will be able to build a whole learning library of printable and engaging activities.

From literacy to numeracy and covering a whole range of vital learning skills such as dangers in the home, healthy eating and where to go to for help in an emergency.


The Walter the Wizard learning resource is a fantastic vehicle to guide young learners through a path of learning activities that are as entertaining as they are engaging.


Phonics is now an internationally recognised way to help young children learn about the sounds of the alphabet so Walter has complete A-Z phonics book.


Dangers in the home

It is a sad fact that thousands of accidents happen every year to children in the safety of their homes. Teach about everyday items that youngsters need to be careful with.


Discover how Spider, Fly and worm met.  Teaching children tolerance and how people who are different can still be your friends if they work together.

Walter the Wizard Garden Parties

Walter the Wizard Garden Parties have been as inventive as they are memorable. They engage young learners in education activities whilst having great fun at the same time.

You will receive a complete instruction pack on activities so you can create your own Walter the Wizard Garden Party. Share your day with us so we can let everyone know about your success.

Comic Books

Free comics and stories. Follow the learning journey of Walter the Wizard and his friends. Join their adventures as they grow up together and learn about a whole new world and everything it has to offer.

Healthy Eating

Diet and nutrition is the hot topic everywhere. The importance of a healthy diet is undisputed, but in Worm's Weekly Eating Diary we can teach what foods are good for you and what to avoid.


Colour for Fun

The best learning is through interaction with the topic. So every workbook will come with a coloured version and a colouring book to help engage the learner in the chosen activity.