Walter the Wizard

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Walter the Wizard a is resource designed for early years learning which combines animation with illustrations, reading, interactive exercises and a complete phonics workbook.

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From literacy to numeracy and covering a whole range of vital learning skills such as dangers in the home, healthy eating, and where to go to for help in an emergency. The Walter the Wizard learning resource is a fantastic vehicle to guide youngsters through a path of education that is both entertaining as well as engaging.

You will be able to follow Walter and his three friends, Spider, Fly and Worm as they explore their world building friendships, and trying to understand each other’s needs and problems.


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As with many phonics packages, Walterphonics allows you not only to teach the alphabet, but also to expand on the sounds made when certain letters are joined together. By pairing up the Walterphonics colouring book with the Walter the Wizard cartoons, literacy can be mad fun and exciting allowing young learners improve their reading and writing skills.

By incorporating the cartoons, puzzles, and quizzes supplied with this Walter the Wizard, Walterphonics provides a fully interactive teaching resource that will help teach literacy in an exciting and engaging way.

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