• This year, you take control

  • Suggest what resources we make and have your say

  • Comment and input during the production process

  • Experience the production of a resource in the making

  • Follow the journey from beginning to end

Brand New Features in 2020

PSHE News is evolving

PSHE is a subject that can no longer be ignored by any teaching professional

Firstly, a huge thank you to the thousands of teachers who have supported us over the years, but just like the subject itself, we too must evolve and become more inclusive if we really want to make further impacts on education.


When we say PSHE News is evolving, we don't say it lightly, because in 2019 we put you in control of our productions. You will have a say in what we make, be able to comment and make suggestions as the resources develop. You will be able to follow the production stages of each video and get a better understanding of the rationale behind the final product. You will also be able to debate and comment on the twists and turns as the resources develop. This will be the most interactive PSHE resource ever!


PSHE has formed the backbone of all our work, and in Teacher Central we continue with this philosophy. We believe that if a young learner is happy with their place in this world and has a better understanding of their emotional needs, then their potential for learning increases exponentially.


A subject which was once considered an 'add-on' to the curriculum, now runs through its every vein which is why PSHE cannot be ignored no matter what age your pupils, or what subject you teach. With the government now putting such a focus on this subject and at last recognising its value, it is absolutely essential that everyone gets an informed background to how this subject can be made inclusive to every subject. 




In Teacher Central you will still get access to the PSHE Achievement Awards which are presented to organisations who show a focus on their PSHE responsibilities in a creative and committed way.


We will visit schools and share with you their initiatives to get a balanced view of how other schools are implementing their responsibilities to bring PSHE to the forefront of their curriculum activities.


You will be able to access free resources like ‘Baby’ a short documentary that creates a route map for young people when considering having a child and the impacts of such a decision.


Access documentaries that address international issues that until now were hidden and only whispered about. With cultural integration now being a major part of our communities, we can no longer hide from such urgent matters.


From theatre-in-education to drama based resources we will continue to bring you originally scripted drama that brings the issues we face today right into the classroom with a relevance that young people will appreciate and engage with.


Our ethos from the very beginning was always to introduce humour to make sensitive subjects more easily managed. We will continue to bring you engaging and informative resources in a whole range of media formats to help with their delivery.

Guest Contributors

Prof. Laura Serrant OBE


A member of the Prime Minister’s commission for the review of Nursing and Midwifery looks at cultural diversity, gender roles and the issues of consent.

Dr. Simon Forrest


Chair of the UK’s national network of Behavioural and Social Scientists discusses how boys and the development of their identities differ to girls.

Emma Colyer MBE

Founder and Director of the UK charity 'Body and Soul', Emma looks into the prejudices still felt by those affected by and living with HIV and Aids.

Natasha Devon MBE


Cosmopolitan writer and media pundit Natasha Devon looks at how the landscape of body image for young people has been changed by social media.

Our Commitment to you...

As we continue to develop Teacher Central into a more encompassing resource, we give you our commitment, to continue promoting PSHE awareness and developing resources to support a subject which we believe is essential to every young person as they find their place in the world whether that be practical, emotional or spiritual. 


PSHE is no longer a subject that can be ignored and has become a vital part of a young learner's education when it is integrated into the curriculum successfully. Within the government's new white paper and commitment to PSHE in schools, it highlights the now statutory requirements which we will continue to support:


  • Relationships education in primary schools

  • Relationships and sex education in secondary schools

  • PSHE in all schools

'A fabulous resource for all of us supporting pupils development through PSHE.'


Dawn Cretney


Resilience and Emotional Management

Enterprising Youth CIC

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Learning for Life/Drama coordinator

Belfast Boys Model School

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Jackie Surrey

Faculty Lead

Westfield Academy

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Head of Culture and Society

Outwood Grange Academy

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Simone Gurbuz

Head of PSHE and Careers

Eaton Bank Academy

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