Welcome to the 100 Teacher Trial

It seems such a long time ago since I set out on this journey of education, from my first theatre in education play Frank's Bible to Johnny Condom, Nine Ways to Touch the Soul, PSHE News, Meditation Naked and Walter the Wizard, all of which are included in this latest educational adventure, Teacher Central.


Over the years I have witnessed many turbulent times in education, from an Aids epidemic where this all began for me, to the current corona virus pandemic that continues to swallow our lives and yet sees the beginning of this latest project Teacher Central, there is irony in this somehow.


Through all of this however, we have tackled some sensitive issues, walked where angels feared to tread and not always got it right, but all of it has informed not only my own personal practice but also that of the resources we create and for the students I teach.

Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
Andrew Hutchinson
The Dramatic History of Teacher Central

I have to confess, the need to create Teacher Central forms part of my own cathartic journey in teaching, one where I can lay to rest some of the demons from my own past. Therefore, much of the narrative to this resource is told very much from the perspective of my own experience. It documents that journey along with all its controversies, whilst also hopefully using these experiences to inform others whilst they are on on theirs.

From The Frank Foundation to PSHE News, from Knowledge Books and Software to Teacher Central, there has been quite a journey to get to this point, and much of its success has been down to the constant support of you, our amazing teaching community.

It was with that in mind that we created the '100 Teacher Trial' which includes 'Lifetime Membership' to Teacher Central so we can thank you for your support in these early stages.

What do we need from you during your trial?
  • Firstly your patience, if there is any feature that isn't working properly just let us know

  • Secondly, to enjoy the resource, we will not be inundating you with requests

  • Engage with any new features over the coming months that are relevant to you

  • When you're ready, write us a short review

  • Let us know how you think we can improve Teacher Central

  • Feel free to contact us at any time and I will personally respond to you

The Reason for my Excitement...

It fills me with great excitement to introduce Teacher Central to you, because quite simply, I really don't know where this project is going to go as its future development will be guided by you, and that to me is an exciting prospect.

I appreciate that not everyone will be in the position to join the trial but we still value your input, so please feel free to join us at 'Free Teacher Central Community where you will be able to keep in contact with us. We have sent an email to you with the link to it.

For those of you who want to join me on the other side, I genuinely look forward to working with you.

Take care,