Keeping your space safe


Secured access

Teacher Central has been created to allow educators to connect with each other, share ideas, and seek support from others within the teaching environment.

To ensure the security of the platform, we ask that you use your educational email address on the app, this ensures that our members are validated within the teaching environment and the space becomes as safe and secure as possible.

To achieve this we only accept certain emails:

.(company name)

24 hour validation
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Once you have logged in, your membership will be validated within 24 hours.

If for some reason your email is not validated or you do not fall into the above emails categories, but are in the teaching profession, please get in contact with us so we can validate your email manually.


Click on the 'Get in touch' button at the bottom of the page and let us know. 

We do not share

Just to  reassure you, we are only here to share knowledge, and not your information.


We will never share your information with any third parties, we only ask for your educational email address to keep our space as secure as possible. We're sure you'll understand that a stray trouble maker in a sensitive setting can not only be annoying, but upsetting.

The Teacher Central Chat Feature

Chat and Connect

  • Celebrate your work

  • Connect with other teachers

  • Post initiatives

  • Create your own following

  • Post articles of your own


This has probably been our most challenging ambition since we began our 20 year journey. To provide a platform where every school in the UK can have a conversation with each other.  As our community grows you will be able to connect with other teachers, share your stories, and create a community that celebrates the work not only of your pupils, but your own teaching initiatives.

When you fist visit the chatroom, post a hello and introduce yourself, we have purposely left this section as an open platform to see how it develops organically.

Usual rules apply, no posts that sell anything or link to commercial ventures. No sexist, abusive, homophobic or provocative language that may cause offence. If you witness any of this, please report it immediately so we can act at the earliest opportunity.

The Teacher Central Forum Feature

The Teachers Forum

  • Ask specific questions

  • Connect with like minded people

  • Ask for support and advice

  • Suggest resources to be made

  • Seek opinions

  • Provide guidance

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Imagine being able to sit in a room full of other PSHE teachers from around the country and
connect with other like minded people, share ideas, post information, or seek support within the curriculum from other teachers.

The Teacher's Forum has been created so you can connect, share or observe what others are doing. Post questions, ask advice or discuss topics that are relevant to you.

The main reason for this feature was the common theme when visiting schools, that many teachers feel isolated and sometimes unable to source the support they require. This is the place for exactly that!

Your Profile Settings

You can change your profile settings in the Profile feature, just click on the three buttons on the top right of this page to access functions.

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PSHE Acheivement Awards

Rewarding Initiatives in Teaching

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See what other initiatives other schools are using and tell us what you are doing to deliver a great experience for your learners.

Enter the awards and have your own personalised video created of your work, win £500 of teaching resources, and have us celebrate your achievement.

You will find details of how to enter in the PSHE Achievement Awards section of the app.

A history of being trusted and highly recommended

'This is an invaluable resource. I signpost all NQT’s and teachers new in the subject to it, in fact anyone who is serious about teaching PSHE well.'

Kathy Callaghan
Health & Well-being/PSHE Coordinator for Saffron Valley Collegiate.

'A great resource for tips and ideas on teaching strategies and ideas. Highly recommended'


Tim Wormald
Head of PSHE and Citizenship
Rivers Academy West London


The best way to keep abreast of recent developments in our constantly changing areas of the curriculum.'

Yvonne Logan Winters

Head of Culture and Society

Outwood Grange Academy

Teacher's Resource Shop

Lesson plans for across the curriculum

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In the Teacher Central Shop you can purchase lesson plans direct through the app. As we all know, preparing lesson plans or finding suitable teaching resources takes up hours of our time, this is the perfect place to save you time and make sure your lessons are full of new and informative information.

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Book Cover The Working Mind
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Take part in this new concept in education

'This is a great resource that has helped greatly in making sessions interesting and lively for the students.'

Chris Young

PSHE Leader

Mander Portman Woodward

'The website represents a far more useful and infinitely more accessible tool than highly biased internet searches, a consistent high-quality central bank of trustworthy information.'

Deputy Head Teacher

Isleworth and Syon School for Boys

'PSHE News informs and helps us develop a relevant curriculum…it is     a go to resource and does not disappoint.'


Jackie Surrey
Faculty Lead
Westfield Academy

Remember, the success of Teacher Central and its development is down to you, how you use the app and how you inform us of what you need. 

All that's left is for us to say is thank you for downloading the app, we hope you find it useful and we look forward to hearing about your amazing experiences.