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JPG 5 Big Mistakes Cover 480 x 270.png


5 BIG Mistakes of Teacher Training Guide


An essential guide for all those planning to enter the teaching profession. Learn about the mistakes other teachers have made that could have been potentially disastrous to their progression and career.

Walterphonics 480 x 270.png


Walter the Wizard Activity Centre


A brand new animated resource for primary schools to help young learners develop their awareness of dangers in the home. Comes complete with full phonics workbook, animation, and colouring activity packs.

Entertainer 480 x 270.jpg


Fundraising for Primary Schools


Raising funds can be difficult at the best of times, but in this definitive fundraising guide, we take you through the complete planning of one of our events, along with everything you need for a memorable fundraising day.

The Working Mind 480 x 270.png


The Working Mind


The human mind is the making or the breaking of all of us, and especially when you are a teacher. Learn about how the mind works, why we make some of the choices we do, and why some of them are flawed, self-destructive, and cause us harm.

baby 480 x 270.png




An intimate teaching resource for PSHE supporting those who want to bring awareness of the implications of having a child to inform young people. Includes video documentary and teaching resource suitable for teenagers.



100 Years a Woman


A moving and reflective look at some women's experience of the century and how attitudes have changed. The perfect platform to create discussion and classroom exercises on positive female role models and the impact they have had in history. Video and Resource.

Meditation Naked 480 x 270.png


Meditation Naked


Taking time out and understanding our own process is essential to self-development. Your 100 Teacher Trial also includes this acclaimed meditation resource along with the young person's version of it developed for teenagers, Nine Ways to Provoke a Change. 

Chickonlake 480 x 270.jpg


Nine Ways To Touch the Soul


Another acclaimed resource that challenges destructive behaviour and challenges why we make the choices we do in relationships and why some of them cause us pain. A complete understanding and changing of our destructive patterns and views on emotional experience.

Johnny Condom history 600 x 335.png


The Full and Shocking Johnny Condom Story


Johnny Condom was a landmark in education winning international acclaim and support from the UK to the World Health Organisation. But behind the laughter and the smiles was a hidden story, one of deceit, betrayal, and self destruction.

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