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A resource helping teachers to support teachers 

This is is a unique moment in our teaching history, never before have we experienced such a need to join together as teachers and share our knowledge as we deal with 'a new normal' and all its uncertainties.

We have come this far by being supportive of each other, Teacher Central adds another layer of help and professional development as we try and get back to the normal that we love.

'An invaluable resource that allows me to teach PSHE personally and manage the delivery of PSHE effectively across the school through other curriculum areas and tutor groups.'

Simon Shoebridge
Head of Religious Education
St Columba's Catholic Boys' School

'An excellent resource with lots of information which helps to keep us up to date with current information and support us in providing an enriched curriculum for all our students.'

Maggie Bowen

PSCHE co-ordinator

Priory Community School Academy


A Complete Community of Teachers and Support

The Teachers Forum

  • Meet other like minded people

  • Chat with other teachers

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  • Post articles of your own

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You will get FREE access to our teacher's forum, allowing you to connect with other like minded people, share ideas, post articles, or seek support within the curriculum from other teachers.

The Teacher's Forum has been created so you can connect, share or observe what others are doing. Let us know about what initiatives you are running, or promote your class activities to help others develop their sessions, or just chat with other teachers.

Generate your own following, post articles, maybe you have your own initiatives you wish to share or develop with others? This is a completely open platform where a community of teachers can discuss, learn and develop ideas relevant to us, whilst making friends along the way.

Video Resources and Interviews

Bespoke Video Resources

Teacher Central will always offer FREE forum facilities to teachers and those training to enter the teaching profession, but for those wanting to go deeper, you can also access the full membership and get even more value with access to resources and unique content to compliment your lessons and self-development.


Access documentaries that address international issues that until now were hidden and only whispered about. With cultural integration now being a major part of our communities, we can no longer hide from such urgent matters.

Teenage Drama

From theatre-in-education to drama based resources we will continue to bring you originally scripted drama that brings the issues we face today right into the classroom with a relevance that young people will appreciate and engage with.

Children's Animation

Our ethos from the very beginning was always to introduce humour to make sensitive subjects more easily managed. We will continue to bring you engaging and informative resources in a whole range of media formats to help with their delivery.

Innovative Teaching and Lesson Plans

Hear from Teachers and Leading Professionals

Leading Professionals

Listen to what leading professionals have to say, or contribute your own ideas and suggestions.​

Watch as we create and stream educational content that is both informative and engaging and designed to deliver differing perspectives on how we teach and deliver our subjects.

Creative Teaching

Tell us what you want, give us your opinion, suggest ideas for resources, ones that are missing in our current libraries.

Become involved in their development through our feedback community and receive additional teaching resources, lesson plans and trial new resources as you watch them being made

PSHE Achievement Awards

Learn from other teachers already doing the job and get first-hand knowledge of how they get the best out of their lessons.


Get a greater insight into the recruitment process and hear what headteachers are looking for when selecting new staff. Let us know what you are doing to deliver a great experience for your learners.

A history of being trusted and highly recommended

'This is an invaluable resource. I signpost all NQT’s and teachers new in the subject to it, in fact anyone who is serious about teaching PSHE well.'

Kathy Callaghan
Health & Well-being/PSHE Coordinator for Saffron Valley Collegiate.

'A great resource for tips and ideas on teaching strategies and ideas. Highly recommended'


Tim Wormald
Head of PSHE and Citizenship
Rivers Academy West London


The best way to keep abreast of recent developments in our constantly changing areas of the curriculum.'

Yvonne Logan Winters

Head of Culture and Society

Outwood Grange Academy

Teacher's Resource Shop

Lesson plans for across the curriculum

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Book Cover Isolation
Book Cover The Working Mind
Book cover Spotting the signs
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Join us and take part in a new concept in education

'This is a great resource that has helped greatly in making sessions interesting and lively for the students.'


Chris Young

PSHE Leader

Mander Portman Woodward

'The website represents a far more useful and infinitely more accessible tool than highly biased internet searches, a consistent high-quality central bank of trustworthy information.'

Deputy Head Teacher

Isleworth and Syon School for Boys

'PSHE News informs and helps us develop a relevant curriculum…it is     a go to resource and does not disappoint.'


Jackie Surrey
Faculty Lead
Westfield Academy

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'Most PSHE leaders work in isolation in their schools. We often don’t have departments or formal support to do what we do. This is why a forum for resources, collaboration and news is invaluable. This is a useful and much needed resource.'


Salma Osmani

Head of PSHE and Citizenship

Washwood Heath Academy

‘The best way to keep abreast of recent developments in our constantly changing areas of the curriculum.'

Yvonne Logan Winters

Head of Culture and Society

Outwood Grange Academy

'An excellent resource that is invaluable for all PSHE classes. Highly recommended.'

Naomi Livingston

Learning for Life + Drama Coordinator

Belfast Boys Model School

'A one stop shop for all things PSHE Great!

Simon Gurbuz

Head of PSHE and Careers

Eaton Bank Academy

'Being new to this position I am finding PSHE News to be really useful.'

Heather Bignold

Head of PSHE

Clayesmore Prep School

'A fabulous resource for all of us supporting pupils development through PSHE.'


Dawn Cretney


Resilience and Emotional Management

Enterprising Youth CIC